Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thomas Pez dispenser on Hexbug

I removed this Thomas Pez dispenser and I put it on a Hexbug.  I did it last night.  I used my scissors to cut off Thomas and I put it together my Hexbug track to test it out.  This morning my mom made a video that is the one you are going to watch.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Day of the Diesels

We went to the park and I brought some trains!

My favorite train right now is Diesel 10.  My baby brother Omie likes him too.  He has 2 henchmen named Dodge and Splatter.
Days with Duke Diesels>
I drew Dodge's face and taped it over Diesel because I don't have Dodge yet.  My dad made me take it off.
Days with Duke Diesels
Here are the diesels at the park with us!
Days with Duke Diesels
Sodor Dieselworks!
Days with Duke Diesels

I take a train with me everywhere!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

KIA Soul Hamsters at The LA Auto Show

There were superheroes and hamsters at the LA Auto Show too!  I was so excited to see Batman!  His car is awesome!
Duke at LA Auto Show Duke at LA Auto Show Duke at LA Auto Show Duke at LA Auto Show
I love these hamsters!  You know the commercial!  They are so cool!
Duke at LA Auto Show Duke at LA Auto Show Duke at LA Auto Show

Life-Size Hot Wheels at The LA Auto Show

I went to the LA Auto Show with my parents.  I thought I was going to be bored and then I saw this cool Hot Wheels area!  But they didn't sell any Hot Wheels.  Maybe they should sell Hot Wheels next time!  
Duke at LA Auto Show Duke at LA Auto Show Duke at LA Auto Show Duke at LA Auto Show Duke at LA Auto Show

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Duke plays with Daddy's Skull Candles

There are insects coming out of the eyes and 2 Thomas and Friends trains were there.
Thomas and Friends
The guy with the screaming face thought that was a tunnel, instead the creature came out from the other eye and scared him..
Thomas and Friends

Duke watches "A Train and His Boy"

Here is a video I found on YouTube.  It's called, "A Train and His Boy".  It's about a kid that loves his train, Stanley so much.

Friday, October 26, 2012

the happy egg co.

I went to an event with my parents.  They learned about the happy egg co. and I got to play with new friends.  I took a picture with Freeda.  She's one of the Girls from the happy egg co.
My new friend Audrey and I had so much fun.  Her mom Marcela blogs too.
Happy Egg Co. Preview at Grub
Sidenote from Mom:  Hi Parents!  I hope you find the following story interesting and share it with your kids!  Duke really enjoyed it and thought it was important for them to know how free range chickens live.  We hope you enter our contest to win one happy egg co. plush Girl!  

the happy egg co.
A Day in the Life of the Girls

What it means to be one of the Girls on a happy egg farm
Since hens should be free to flap their wings, roam and be happy, our Girls are truly happy because they can be themselves everyday!

The Girls have an expansive four acre pasture to roam among the trees, gather together under the shade, dust-bathe in the sand pits and/or simply hang out on a perch.  To you and me, that means a play yard the size of three football fields!

In the morning, the hens choose a nesting box in which to lay their eggs.  Did you know that hens have individual preferences about their favorite nesting box?  Sometimes one box will become so popular that the hens will line up and wait their turn to lay their eggs before going outside to spend the day with their girlfriends.

A typical day for the Girls - living outdoors the way nature intended:

  • The hens wake up and get a drink of clean water, then head to the feeding troughs to have a breakfast of all-natural corn and soy that is fortified with vitamins and minerals for the healthiest hens and eggs.  Morning is egg laying time.  The eggs in each nesting box gently roll on to a belt which conveys them to the end of the barn, where the farmer picks them by hand and places them in a cooler.
  • After the hens lay their eggs, we open the doors and the hens rush outside (we call the doors "pop holes" because that's what the hens use to pop outside) to soak up some sunshine and enjoy free time on the farm.
  • Outside, the hens find their favorite flock members to roam around and explore the pasture and decide how they want to spend their day.  Chase a bug, take 5 in the trees, or just sit back and relax, it's up to them.
  • As the sun starts to set, the hens naturally head home to the barn before settling in to roost for the night.  

Buzz is protecting my chicken.  And the name is Happy Chicken.
I was watching The Amazing Spider-Man movie with my Happy Chicken.
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Disclosure:  My mom's blog was invited to a media preview.  We received one plush and one to giveaway.  All thoughts are our own.